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Thursday, March 4, 2021
Beijing 14:00-18:30 CST / Seoul & Tokyo 15:00-19:30 KST /
Paris 07:00 - 11:30 CET / London 06:00-10:30 GMT
You may watch the webinar on demand until 18:30 CST Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Thursday, March 4, 2021
Beijing 14:00-18:30 CST /
Paris 07:00 - 11:30 CET
You may watch the webinar on demand until
18:30 CST Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Premiered on

Thursday, March 4, 2021
Beijing 14:00-18:30 CST / Seoul & Tokyo 15:00-19:30 KST /
Paris 07:00 - 11:30 CET / London 06:00-10:30 GMT
You may watch the webinar on demand until 18:30 CST Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Thursday, March 4, 2021
Beijing 14:00-18:30 CST /
Paris 07:00 - 11:30 CET
You may watch the webinar on demand until
18:30 CST Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

You will gain data-driven insights and proven strategies
from global beauty leaders for your NEXT success in China


- China’ Beauty Market Trends Backed by Analyses and Breakdowns of Over 4 Billion E-Commerce Transactions- Case Studies of Fast-growing Beauty Product Categories and Takeaways from Successful Brands- Innovative Branding, Product Development and Consumer Experience Strategies Crafted for China- E-Communication Strategies & KOL / KOC Management


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Holly KimHead of Data Business
Daniel A. LangerPresident and CEO
Carol ZhouSenior Vice President of China Business
Innovation and Investments
Michael NorrisResearch and Strategy
Gianvito D’onghiaManaging Partner
Elijah WhaleyCMO
So-Young ChoStrategy Manager & Leader
of Innovation Core Development
Allie RookeCEO
Lin LinCo-Chair CEO
Yongwoo NamFormer Director of BM Division
Yisa HeFounder


Time (Beijing Time)
14:00 ~ 14:05


14:05 ~ 14:50

2020 Online Beauty Trends Roundup and Strategy Planning for 2021

An overview of latest-data-based trends in the beauty industry 2020, and key strategies for brands to succeed in 2021;
A case study of the fast growing "sensitive skincare" in China last year.

Holly Kim

Head of Data Business, MeasureCommerce
- Leads business development and client management of beauty brands in Korea, Japan, Europe, and North America, including Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, LVMH, Amore Pacific;- Spoke on beauty trends in several global seminars including INNOCOS, China International Beauty Expo, InterCHARM and etc.

Cathy Tian

Beauty Analyst, MeasureCommerce
- Analyzes the Chinese beauty market data and identifies market trends for global clients, including Cosmax, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and etc.
14:50 ~ 15:50

Innovations by Global Companies to Captivate Chinese Consumers

An in-depth analysis of innovative approaches taken by global beauty brands to captivate GenZ consumers and upgrade online shopping experiences in China.

Moderator: Daniel Andre Langer

President and CEO, Equite
- Reinvents luxury brand building through extreme value creation with AI and real time consumer-insight tools in a digitally discrupted world;- Builds brand positioning, storytelling, customer experience and pricing strategy for startups and brands in early growth stages.

Panel: Carol Zhou

Senior Vice President of China Business Innovation and Investments, Shiseido
- Establishes the 1st Shiseido Beauty Innovation Hub in China for creation of consumer-centric beauty offerings;- Promotes strategic alliances with startups and other companies to further accelerate innovations in Shiseido's existing businesses and new sectors;- Incubates new business ideas for the next growth drivers of Shiseido Group.

Panel: Holly Kim

Head of Data Business, MeasureCommerce
15:50 ~ 16:00


16:00 ~ 16:20

The Success of Chinese Domestic Beauty Brands

Case study and key learning of successful Chinese domestic beauty brands;
Tips for global brands to win the mind of Chinese consumers.

Gianvito D’onghia

Managing Partner, Creative Capital China
- Experienced in sales, business development and B2B client relationship management related to branding consulting in the Chinese market;- Assisting domestic brands in building and applying their DNA through product/retail/communication identity;- Supporting international clients in customizing their storytelling and brand experience for the Chinese market.
16:20 ~ 16:40

Product Branding and Creativity

Creative branding strategies and concepts by Chinese and global brands.
Incorporation of sustainability and eco-friendliness into brand strategies.

Panel: Yisa He

Founder, Wuyi Brand
- Former Co-Founder of OIB China;- Currently Founder of Wuyi Brand, a brand strategy consulting firm;- Experienced in branding strategies and developments of men's products, hair color products and skincare in L’Oreal Paris.

Moderator: Campbell Lin

Data Analyst, MeasureCommerce
16:40 ~ 17:05

Predict China’s 2021 Beauty Trends through the Analysis of 2020's Top Selling Products

The secret of the "best-sellers" in 2020;
Data-based prediction of 2021's beauty trends in the Chinese market.

So-Young Cho

Strategy Manager & Leader of Innovation core development, Cosmax China
- Leads the innovation core development team with experience in market research and innovative product development.
17:05 ~ 17:15


17:15 ~ 17:35

Marketing in the Year of Mask

An exploration of what marketers got right in ‘The Year of the Mask’ with a deep analysis of new needs, new territories,
new experiences, and new cohorts.

Michael Norris

Research and Strategy Manager, AgencyChina
- Leads primary research and provides consulting service for luxury, skincare, tourism, electronics and nutrition brands from China, Europe, North America and Australasia.
17:35 ~ 18:15

What Consumers Want and How to Make it Work for Your Brands

Discussion about key factors Chinese consumers consider before buying. Communication and e-communication strategies for brands to meet target consumers' taste. Changes brought by Covid-19 and what brand managers should be cautious about;

Moderator: Allie Rooke

CEO, CleanBeauty
- Helps clean & natural brands and cruelty-free brands enter the China market and maintain brand integrity and long-term strategic alignment;- Advises on how best structure beauty brands' business, sales platforms, partners and marketing;- Experienced in marketing and general management for Chanel, L'Oréal and Burberry.

Panelist: Lin Lin

Co-Chair CEO, CIBE
- In charge of CIBE's beauty & wellness shows in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen;- Sits on the board of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce Beauty Culture & Cosmetic Chamber.

Panelist: Yongwoo Nam

Chief Creator, BFactory / Former Director of BM Division, Dr.Jart+
- Aims to innovate the beauty industry eco-system at BFactory;- Specializes in brand and product innovation based on consumer and market insights at Dr. Jart+.
18:15 ~ 18:35

KOL Relationship Management and Analytics

KOL and KOC management strategies for brands in a market environment where peer-to-peer product reviews and word-of-mouth are becoming increasingly crucial.

Elijah Whaley

CMO, Parklu by Launchmetrics
- Improves brand experiences through innovative product designs, engaging marketing, and compelling contents;- Closing the gap between products and consumers by helping brands match customer needs and catch consumer's eye.
18:35 ~ 18:40




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