[Sample] 2019 Q2 Skincare Market Review

Aug 2019

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I. Q2 China Beauty Market OverviewQ2 China Beauty Market Overview
Tmall/Taobao Market Overview
Q2 Tmall/Taobao Beauty Top Brands : Skincare Brands Experience Strong Growth
II. Q3 China Skincare MarketSkincare Market Overview : Skincare Market Grew 33.7% to 23.6B
Skincare Category Overview : Essence Remains the Most Important Product Line
Skincare Category Issues : The Total Number of Products Experienced Slight Growth
Q2 Top Skincare Brand Performance : Global Beauty Group Strengthen Market Dominance
Skincare Key Brands to Watch : Lancome, Winona, Derfriend
III. Q2 China Beauty Skincare Market by Category Cleansing Market Review : Cleansing Market Experiences Steady Growth
Toner Market Review : Toner Market Increases 41.8%
Lotion Market Review : Essence Expands M/S and Lotion Shrinking M/S
Essence Market Review : Essence’s Share of Sales Reaches 16.2%
Eye Care Market Review : Eye Care Market Undergoes Upgrade Amidst Marketing Blitz
Lip Care Market Review : Lip Care Maintains Small M/S
Skincare Set Market Review : Skincare Set Market Loses Vitality
Sun Care Market Review : Focus on Changes During Concentrated Sales Period
Facial Mask Market Review : Masks Reverse Downturn
IV. Q2 China Skincare Market IssueSeasonal Marketing Issue : The Expanded 6.18 Event
Brand Marketing Issue : Derfriend, Proya, Chando
V. Q2 China Beauty Brand Index
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