[Sample] 2018 Q4 Skincare Market Review

Feb 2019

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I. Q4 China Beauty Market OverviewQ4 China Beauty Market Overview
Q4 China Beauty Top Brands
Q4 Korea Brands Performance
Q4 New Brands In
II. Q4 China Skincare MarketQ4 Skincare Market Issues
Q4 Top 100 Skincare Brand Performance : Competition Based on the Key Products by Brands
Key Brands to Watch : Attention to the Market Growth of OEM-based Marketing Brands
Skincare Category Issue : Expansion of Detailed Category Differentiation
III. Q4 China Skincare Market by CategoryCleansing Market Issue: Emergence of Remover with the Growth of Makeup Market
Toner Market Issue : Copying and Ingredient
Lotion/Cream Market Issue : Price Rather Than Function with Chinese OEM Brands
Essence Market Issue : Attention to Chinese Local Brands
Eye Care Market Issue : Growth Due to the Expansion of High-function Market
Suncare Market Issue Growth of Daily Suncare Products
Mask Market Issue : Adjustment Period of Mask Market
IV. Q4 China Beauty Market Marketing IssueBrand Marketing Issue : Health and Beauty of Women Consumers
Seasonal Marketing Issue : Single’s Day and Christmas
V. Q4 China Beauty Brand Index
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