[Sample] 2018 Q3 Makeup Market Review

Nov 2018

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I. Q3 China Beauty Market OverviewQ3 China Beauty Market Overview : Rapidly growing China Beauty Market
Q3 Korea Brands Performance : Korea brand ranking Top25
Q3 New Brands In
II. Q3 China Makeup MarketQ3 Makeup Market Issues : Top 100 brands are taking more than 20% of M/S
Q3 Top Makeup Brand Performance
Key Brands to Watch : Perfect Diary, ZEESEA, 3CE, JudydoLL
Makeup Category Issue : Brands with segmentation products
III. Q3 China Makeup Market by CategoryPrimer/Makeup Market Issue : K-Brands and J-Brands
Foundation Market Issue : Growth of key product line
BB Cream Market Issue : Shift of BB cream from a cream type to cushion type
Concealer Market Issue : Segmentation of the market needs
Pressed Powder Market Issue : Slows down in its market growth
Loose Powder Market Issue : Suitable for a matte makeup style
Lip Stick Market Issue : Representative item for showing
Lip Gloss Market Issue : Competitive market with its rapid market expansion
Lip Liner Market Issue : Smaller market yet steady expansion of the market size
Eye Shadow Market Issue : Focusing on eye palettes Eye Liner Market Issue : Rapid growing of Japanese brands
Mascara Market Issue : Female consumer needs are on eyebrows length
Eye Brow Market Issue : Natural eyebrows vs. semi-permanent tattoo eyebrows
Blusher/Shading/Highlighter Market Issue : Slight growth on blusher market
IV. Q3 China Beauty Market Marketing IssueBrand Marketing Issue
Seasonal Marketing Issue