[Sample] 2018 Q3 Skincare Market Review

Nov 2018

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I. Q3 China Beauty Market OverviewQ3 China Beauty Market Overview : Rapidly growing China Beauty Market
Q3 New Brands In
II. Q3 China Skincare MarketQ3 Skincare Market Issues
Q3 Top 100 Skincare Brand Performance : Brand growth based on core product line
Key Brands to Watch
Skincare Category Issue : Expanded segmentation of subcategories
III. Q3 China Skincare Market by CategoryCleansing Market Issue : Advance in dermatology brands
Skincare Market Issue : Growth of Chinese local brands
Toner Market Issue : Stable market competing for moisturizing function
Lotion/Cream Market Issue : Chinese local brands’ bridgehead for customer transaction/Premium strategy
Essence Market Issue : Increased competition between traditional global brands and Chinese local brands
Eye & Lip Care Market Issue : Popularization by the expansion of eye mask and lip balm
Suncare Market Issue : Market rundwon due to seasonal factors
Mask Market Issue
IV. Q3 China Beauty Market Marketing IssueBrand Marketing Issue
Seasonal Marketing Issue