Utilize the power of data
to identify
business opportunities
across the Asian market.

5 Million data products from Korea + China + Japan
and South East Asia to automatic reports, all at once!
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The AI Service of MeasureCommerce extends across 8 countries,
catering to globally recognized brands and manufacturers.

Brand Product and Ranking Analysis

What is current rankings of
beauty brands in Asia?

Monitor ranking changes
of your competitors

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Global Beauty Trends

Get immediate insights into the evolving trends of the
leading beauty commerce channels in Asia.

Asia's No.1 Beauty Data Trend Service

Make data-driven decisions for your beauty business
relying on facts rather than intuition.

Use AI to analyze all keywords exposed on
Product Thumbnails and Detail Pages

Check spesific beauty trends :
Ingredients, functions, marketing keywords
in real time at a glance

Costumer Review Analysis

Automatically classify keywords
in 25 Million+ costumer reviews
Discover strengths and vital points!

Automatically collects and
classify costumer reviews
in Asian market

Review Analysis

Find out what your customers are interested
with keywords frequently mentioned in reviews

Costumer Analysis

Check the product trends according to the
costumer's age, skin tone, and trouble

Industry leaders from eight global countries
have already chosen MeasureCommerce

Trendier Beauty
simplifies intricate competitor
and customer analysis,
streamlining the process

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Trendier Beauty Resource Page

Learn more about the latest market changes
with automated reports and seminars!

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